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Cabal Alz Introduction

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Cabal Alz News

13/10/2017 - Full Stock for Cabal Alz
Cabal , it is always a hot-sale game, and the price is really as low as the market could be! We have prepared enough stock for all server for you!No matter how much you want, we all can supply!
28/05/2012 - T-points are now active on CABAL Online Europe!
We are happy to introduce the T-point system to CABAL Online Europe. T-points makes your playing even more rewarding, as you earn them simply by being online and active, and you can exchange them for some cool rewards in the T-point shop, includ.....
14/05/2012 - Cabal: Trials and Initiates
Trials and Initiates in Cabal: 1. Trials may only bid minimum gold for items, and gold must be traded to an officer immediately before receipt of the item. 2. Trials do not earn DKP for their trial raid. 3. Initiates are unable to bid DKP on .....
02/05/2012 - Slightly broken in Cabal
Touched on slightly broken in Cabal. No one opposed it. Stem died Archer's frenzy war estimated to know the door. He's above the storm about how much blood left archers? Archer cried. Mad war laugh. The original does. Not open high time? Archer .....
17/04/2012 - Some Useful Etiquette Introduction In Cabal
If you are given any Cabal assignment, you must summarise and repeat it in raid chat. Again, saying something in vent or any other channel of communication is not enough, even if the assignment was given verbally. This includes all healing assig.....

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