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LastChaos Gold Introduction

Farming for Last Chaos online Gold isn't easy, but you can buy LastChaos Gold, guides, accounts & items on sale. We have revolutionized the exchange of money to Last Chaos money.
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LastChaos Gold News

15/05/2012 - Crafting skills for Last Chaos
About Crafting skills Crafting skills are open to all classes and cover more general skills such as alchemy and weapon crafting. These allow any person to acquire a crafting skill of their choice with no penalty to their general or passive skil.....
03/05/2012 - LastChaos Guide: Kinds of Skills
1) Special skills can be purchased from various NPCs depending on the skill you wish to advance in. 2) processing skills are acquired from specialists in the type of material you wish to process. 3) Crafting skills from smiths and alchemists. .....
08/04/2012 - Lastchaos overview: Quest
This is a Last chaos quest guide. If you are a noob, just look through. Every icon of a character in the map is a character of importance in the game. Some are characters related that help you upgrade, some are merchants or teachers. To find t.....
13/01/2012 - Character Guide for Last Chaos
There are several classes of characters to choose from in Last Chaos, and you'll want to make sure that you choose the one that best suits what you want to do in the game. Each class has its own unique benefits and weaknesses. The 6 classes are.....
08/12/2011 - Let us play Last Chaos
Players are always eager for good spells so that they could earn Last Chaos gold and get Last Chaos power leveling. Let us play Last Chaos. Last Chaos altogether has 3 races, 8 kind of occupations, Last Chaos compares with other game, moreover w.....

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