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Home » Site News » Guide for Runescape Level 1...

Guide for Runescape Level 15-40 Mining

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Runescape Gold players hope to have more in their warehouse all the time. Mining is a very important skill in Runescape, because of the many uses of metals. Very expensive things, such as armor and bars are made out of the Ores that miners mine, meaning ores are always in high demand and for a high price! So we can make rs gold by this way.
A miner can be defined as someone who mines the ores, stores the ores in the bank, and after accumulating enough ores, they sell the ores at the Grand Exchange. As a miner, you can accumulate great wealth while only having to focus on one skill, your mining.
Since miners do not have to waste time smelting ores or smiting the bars, they can sell their ores and receive their runescape money pretty quickly. Ores also sell for quite a bit of RS 2 Gold, all the way up to Runite Ores going for 17,000 GP each! If it sounds like the path you wish to follow, here is the road you should go through.
You might have noticed that copper ores are not always in high demand, but now you can mine iron ores, something that is always in HIGH demand. Cheap runescape Gold and Iron ores are excellent for training your exp, and also sells for a nice amount on the Grand Exchange.
Before you get started mining Iron Ores, you want to purchase a Mithril Pickaxe rather than buy runescape gold, and am Adamant Pickaxe (A Rune Pickaxe is good too if you can afford it). There are a few good places to train your mining; the best place to mine in a F2P world is the South-East Mine of Varrock. Buy Runescape is convenient but very expensive.
Iron ores are 35 exp each, meaning you will need to mine 995 iron ores for level 40 mining and this should take about 3 hours. In the process you can make amount of Iron Ores x Price Each = Total Value 995 x 200 = 200,000 GP!
Just by trying to get a higher mining level of 40!

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