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Runescape: Revolutionary Combat Update Announced

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Jagex, developers of 8Realms, have just released information on an upcoming patch for their record breaking MMORPG Runescape. Runescape is widely considered to be one of the most popular free to play MMO games available in your browser and is still going strong almost 11 years after release. Runescape boasts one of the most in-depth skill and leveling systems available in MMO games and offers players dozens of intricate quests, hundreds of unique activities and thousands upon thousands of players.

You ask anyone that's been playing MMO titles for more than a few years and the chances are, they've tried Runescape at some point in time. Despite being filled with thousands of hours worth of high-quality content, many people complain that the graphics and combat make it unplayable for the older generation. Jagex already addressed the issue many moons ago with the transfer to 3D graphics and this latest update has them tackling the combat. The update, Evolution of Combat, will feature a "revolutionary" new way to combat monsters and other players. Players that subscribe to Runescape will be given the unique opportunity to partake in the games first ever closed beta testing, giving early access from June 26th through the to official deployment sometime in September.

Making any changes to a game as large as Runescape, especially involving core mechanics such as combat is a massive undertaking. There are so many areas to balance, mini-games and events to adjust and added the changes to the recently revived Wilderness PvP. Stay tuned for more information as we'll be jumping straight in as soon as the new combat system is available.

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