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Turbine Details LOTRO's Update 7 Features and Moria Revamp

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Turbine has revealed more details for the Update 7: Shades of the Past and the Moria revamp currently in the works for The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). Update 7 will bring a new level 70-75 skirmish – Storm of Methedras, which will pit players against the sorceress Gwyllion. Update 7's patch notes also include some other handy changes such as increased bag space and lots of class tweaks and bug fixes.

Also included in Update 7 is a revamp for Fornost, which will break the instance into four separate instances with two levels of difficulty and scalable for groups of players levels 30-75. Lastly, Moria is getting some attention with a number of visual updates and restructuring of quests. A new LOTRO developer diary has also been posted with more extensive details on the revamp. Be sure to give it a look.

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