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He found the three notifications of interruption Maple Story mesos online

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Yesterday, I got an email from a student and it said that the power supply of his Maple Story mesos college had been interrupted three times from 5:00 P.M to 6:00 A.M next day. He said that he could not finish his work, and he wanted to find the reason why the college had not informed students so that they could make preparation for this. The answer from the college was that college would inform students the interruptions after it. It was really absurd answer. He found the three notifications of interruption online, but why the college did not do it as the notification? He decided to find the results. I wanted to help him so that I wrote it on my blog, but it caused fierce debate. One net friend said that it was just an interruption in college instead of a city, so it was not necessary to call in question. But another one said: "I finally understand why there are so many nagging people. They want to find the best explain for his opinion." Actually, I think we should encourage that student because he has right to know the reason. He makes his utmost effort to fight for his point of views. That is respectable. Mostly, we can see and enjoy the result but we do not know the reason. The person knows the reason will not let you know. So although it is a petty thing, it will lead to a habit. We should know that details will decide the success.

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